Experience and guarantee of top quality services


We provide broadly-defined metal working.
Our company performs services within the scope of locksmithing and welding. Substantial amounts of our products are proven solutions.
We also implement innovative solutions in order to improve and enhance quality.

Our offer:

:: Railings

:: Forged fences

:: Sliding gates and industrial gates

:: Pond bridges

:: Small and medium-sized steel structures

:: Steel structures for advertisement signs

:: Repairing loading surfaces of delivery vans and lorries (damaged or after accidents)

:: Repairing, remodelling and deconstructing of lorry tarpaulin frames and steel frameworks

:: Lorry tarpaulin

:: Tent frames

:: Door of delivery vans and lorries

:: Steel or aluminium trailer and lorry sides

:: Trailers

:: Other steel work services: steel chimneys, sheds, carports, gratings, serial production